3 Examples of Spring-themed Designs

Are you excited for the upcoming season of passion and change?

Spring is a particularly wonderful season that brings us eternal joy and fills us with hopes of a promising future. Spring is the time when the flowers bloom, birds sing and the days become warmer and longer. It’s no doubt that Spring is a time of change, but how does this affect the design industry?

How Do Seasonal Changes Affect The User’s Design Perceptions?

During seasonal changes and especially during Spring, we, humans have a natural desire to shift our lifestyles. In the fashion world, the need for change is clearly distinguishable. The new apparel trends feature a whole new fashion style that uses a diverse variety of color combinations, patterns, and cutting. Same goes for web and graphic design.

The natural predisposition of web users towards change is an ideal time for designers to try out new ideas and styles they wouldn’t usually consider. It’s also a good time to try out updates and add refreshing elements to your websites while measuring acquisition. Here’s why, this week, I want to show you a few different ways you can take advantage of the season of changes and renovate your website while maintaining the Spring spirit.

#1: Ornate Header Images

Minimalism offers web designers a clear canvas for experimentation where less is more and white space is as important as any other element on the page. I get it, minimalism is cool, but haven’t we really overused it? We vigorously praise simplicity and proudly put on our hipster masks, trying to pretend we get truly inspired by white space. But let’s be real. After so much time on the front line, minimalist design has slowly started to draw back, giving space to a more detailed, pattern-rich style.

If you feel your website is ready for that change and you wish to shift the dull simplicity with color and depth, you might want to start with the header image. Truth is, despite the design trends, rules for header images haven’t changed much since sliders appeared on the scene. Go for an ornate header image that combines typography and various design elements.

#2: Flower-Encrusted Typography

For the sake of Spring, you might want to implement a certain flower-themed design in your website.

Flowers are a natural endorphin booster so it shouldn’t be that hard to please your audience. If you wonder how you can infuse your website with a touch of Spring cheerfulness, try decorating some headers with a carefully picked bouquet of flowers.

Play around with layer arrangement and make your title pop by ornating it with different botanical elements. Don’t be afraid to experiment with plans. Go for cacti, succulents, tropical leaves and whatever your heart pleases. Combine it with an elegantly drawn calligraphy or a clean sans-serif font for best results.

#3: Blooming Banner Ads

What better way to make your ads stand out than giving them a touch of Spring beauty?

You can use flower petals, leaves, sun flare effects and even images of friendly insects such as a ladybug or a butterfly. The colorful imagery will naturally attract your visitors’ attention and leave them with a warm feeling of joy and satisfaction. If you’re worried you might clutter your ad design with too many elements, go for smaller, more simple images of tiny flower heads, for example.

Flowers have always been a great option for decorating a website for the Spring, but you can also go with minor changes. Tint your menu or CTA button to with a fresher color or sprinkle the website background with tiny colorful particles to give your website that feeling of joyfulness that comes with this wonderful season.

Can’t get enough flower designs? Check these out:

Welcome Spring With These Blooming Flower-themed Designs


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