App Store Now Offers Business Advice To Developers


Apple has recently updated its App Store Developer site and added a new section that talks about best practices and business growth ideas for freelance developers.

This new section aims to feature analysis, articles and videos to help app developers enhance their profit margin by building apps for iOS. 

The ‘Discovery’ sub-section talks about how the App Store is curated, and ways in which you can help your app excel in the store and be discovered by potential users. Similarly, the ‘Using the Freemium Model’ sub-section talks about how to generate a steady flow of revenue using in-app purchases. The ‘Business Model’ sub-section too focuses more the same aspect, and lets you pick the best one between free, freemium, paid and paymium models for your apps.


There are also sub-sections meant to help aspiring developers learn more about app analytics and insights, and so on. Considering the fact that the App Store has a lot many freelance app developers creating apps for the iOS devices, this new section on the Developer site will surely prove useful for such app makers and developers.

Learn more about the new App Store Developer site here.

Read More at App Store Now Offers Business Advice To Developers

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