The Most Beautiful Landing Pages

The Most Beautiful Landing Pages

What makes a landing page appealing? It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, sure, but it also needs to be easy to navigate and show off the site’s content in a way that the visitor can quickly understand. The details of those elements change, as trends always do. This year, web design trends include everything from Google’s Material Design, background images and embedded video, gestures replacing clicks, to little details like Ghost Buttons and SVG graphics.

But a website that incorporates trending elements without an eye for how they interact with each other won’t create a beautiful web site. It’s about how you incorporate those elements into a whole that matters, and heck you can make a beautiful site without using anything the masses describe as “trending.” Design is like art in that you don’t need to follow standards to create something beautiful. For your viewing pleasure, check out 24 of the most beautiful landing pages…

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