10 Multipurpose WordPress Themes for Designers

10 Multipurpose WordPress Themes for Designers

If your website-building projects vary from one pagers, to blogs, to ecommerce sites, and anything in between, you might be tempted to purchase an assortment of specialty WP themes to cover all the bases. Purchasing a specialized website-building tool is fine if it is the only one you will ever need. Since that is seldom the case for most designers, using a multipurpose theme makes the most sense.

A multipurpose theme must however be extremely flexible if it is to deliver the quality results you have a right to expect. Each of the 10 multipurpose WP themes listed here does exactly that. Check them out, and pay particular attention to the pre-built websites or layouts they offer, their page-building tools, and the features they offer that will give you a wide range of design options.

When making your choice, consider…

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