History of Infographics: From Static to Dynamic

History of Infographics: From Static to Dynamic

When it comes to displaying observational data, there is no better way than to employ infographic. Being a time-proven visual tool, it easily handles all the bulks of numbers by breaking them into digestible pieces and highlighting critical moments. Even several decades ago, when they look incredibly insipid and boring, much like the statistics that they were showing, they still won over regular textual presentation.

The time has changed, so have the infographics. They have grown up and matured, having absorbed all the tendencies on their way of formation. They have got a great face lifting and developed a dynamic behavior. They are managed to cover various spheres from business topics to humoristic ones. Thanks to modern technologies, they have become a powerful instrument that lets craft not only static image-based content-centered pieces but also interactive web-based projects, which in some cases linked to real live data. Today we are going to trace the recent history of infographics, showing the transformation from static to dynamic ones with the help of a dozen characteristic examples…

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