Building Better Grids: CSS Grid Systems to Know About

Grid Illustration

Grids are an essential tool for designers. A well-designed grid system can make all the difference to your design, giving you a solid structure on which to flaunt your creativity.

Historically, on the web, designing and building grids hasn’t always been easy. From the bad old days of using tables for layout to the more recent (but still cumbersome) methods of floats and clearfixes in CSS, web designers and developers have had to find innovative workarounds in the absence of a better solution for creating grids for the web.

I’m pleased to say all that is rapidly changing, and there is now a wealth of methods to choose from for constructing your grids. But how do you know which to choose? In this article I’ll dive into some of the existing options, and also give you a taste of how we can expect to be creating layouts in the future.

Fluid grids are one of the central tenets of responsive web design, so here I’ll be focusing on the tools and methods that enable us to create fluid and percentage-base layouts with…

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