T-Shirt Guru’s Strange Recipe For Success

T-Shirt Guru’s Strange Recipe For Success

After five years running the online-only t-shirt company, Lonely Kids Club, Warwick Levy opened his first brick and mortar store this year. It’s a huge feat, especially for someone who describes himself as “the most disorganized, useless dude ever.” Levy is not a morning person. He’s not much of a mid-day person either. He doesn’t fit the mold of the stereotypical, up-and-at-em entrepreneur: the dogged business yogi with their life planned out on the latest calendar app.

And yet he’s managed not only to run a successful business; (within an oversaturated market no less) he’s managed to grow it, all while remaining committed to handmade local production with zero sweatshop involvement, a principle that sets the company apart from competitors while posing an added set of challenges…

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