How to Emulate Street Art in Web Design

How to Emulate Street Art in Web Design

Don’t you agree there’s something captivating about street art?

Even if bright, abstract murals and quirky designs aren’t something you’d hang in your home, there’s still a lot to be said for the mechanics of creating a captivating piece on the side of a brick wall.

Not only do street artists develop personal styles and gravitate toward recurring motifs, but they also follow basic design principles—just like web designers. Of course, the tools couldn’t be more different. Wielding a paint brush (or spray can) requires a different kind of finessing than manipulating code to spit out the end result.

However, taking a few design cues from independent street artists could elevate the visual aspects of your branding. If you’re the lead designer for a company, breaking away for industry trends without sacrificing a clean user experience could be exactly what’s needed to attract an audience of its own—even if the the oohs and ahhs come from an online community or potential customer instead of a passerby…

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